Monday, April 30, 2012

April Blog Calendar NOT SO MUCH

Okay well... I totally failed my lil' cupcake blog mission for April! 
I've been great at keeping up on my

Actually I will be combining the 2 soon, stay tuned! 

Anyway... April is over today and tomorrow begins a new chapter

Minky May 
(Time to get sewing with some MINKY)


The Sherman Four said...

These are the best blankets everrrrrrr! My kids favorites! I have tried over and over to make them but each time mine look horrible! I'm jealous u know how!

the lil cupcake said...

Woman! Minky is the worst to sew! It stretches and pulls and all that and more, but if you sew minky to mink you're good, forget fabric to minky! We need to have a sewing day!

the lil cupcake said...
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