Wednesday, January 18, 2012


What is Feedback?
Feedback is a message, a number or a symbol (+, -) that you leave for someone after you make a purchase from someone or leave for someone after you receive an item. It tells a lot about the experience, the product and your overall 'experience.'

Why is Feedback Important?
Feedback to me is VERY IMPORTANT! It's the top of my list #1 of important things with running my ETSY shops! I actually look forward to logging in everyday to see if I have new feedback that was left. I strive for 100% feedback and take pride in all my work and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION/SERVICE!

What Does POSITIVE feedback mean to ME?
Feedback is important to me because it lets me know how I'm doing and it makes me feel proud. When I have happy and satisfied customers, I'm a happy shop owner and creator (See my Stats so far below)

Why is it important to leave people feedback?
I think it is SO important to leave feedback, but most of all communicate with the seller or the buyer. I love communication and making sure I answer all my customers questions and that they feel 100% satisfied that they are getting what the "WANT." I purchase lots of items online, whether it's supplies or fun things as gifts or for me and I ALWAYS leave feedback. I have NEVER left anyone  NEGATIVE feedback... I think if you have a bad experience or you are unhappy with your purchase you should contact the shop owner to see what you can work out! There is usually always a solution. 

* If your new to ONLINE shopping check out someones feedback before purchasing, it tells you ALOT! *

STATISTICS that I'm proud of 
(Sorry for the poor quality photos, Darn I-Phone)

As of today, January 18, 2012
the lil' cupcake
(211) Feedback Comments, Messages, Symbols or Numbers @ 100%

the lil' cupcake LOVES those green symbols
Those are +'s! YAH for POSITIVE feedback!

240 Sales as of Today... Makes me feel PROUD and HAPPY!

THANK YOU to ALL my Customers! 

January BLOG Calendar Entry #1

January: Just-In-January

My blog goal for this Month, January was to blog about all the NEW products and JUST-IN items for my ETSY Stores

Okay... I'm a bit behind because I have been working at the hospital(s) NON-STOP and have been focusing on my personal blog and trying to get ready for our Puerto Rico Getaway! 

I'm changing this Month around a bit... I said it was my Goal/Plan for the Month right? Goals and Plans can be changed... 

Ideas for New Products for the NEW YEAR:

New for the NEW YEAR
the lil' cupcake
- New Bling Converse Onesie
-Themed Bling Binkies
- Felt Pacifier Clips
- Bloomers
- Custom Onesies
- Ready-to-Ship SALE headbands
- Piggy Banks with a "NEW" look
- More SEWN goodies
-Holiday themed Items

 New for the NEW YEAR
the lil' twinkle star

- Moustache Paci's
- MORE styles of lil' tinkle tee pee's
- MORE sew goodies
- Pacifier Clips
- Custom BOY Onesies

I'm sure I'll think of more after my VACATION! I just needed to keep up with the posting and stick to my GOALS for 2012!

Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Blog Calendar

I'm Back... 
Okay so I had this epiphany the other night and created a 'blog' calendar list for my personal blog and thought, "I'm going to do this for the cupcake one as well." Part of my New Year Goal list was to blog more, but also to learn more about the blogging world, the graphics and so much more...

I'm also transitioning from a PC to MAC so it will be a double Whammy!

I thought perhaps, if I have a goal, an organized way to accomplish at least my blogging goal, then PERHAPS I may be able to achieve my goal! Wow that's a lot of 'goal' in one sentence... So here is the lil' cupcake and the lil' twinkle star blog line up! I hope to accomplish it and look back and smile because each month I have set a plan to help me blog, daily... weekly... OR at the very least Monthly!


January: Just-In-January
(This Month will be devoted to new pictures and products that are JUST IN and NEW to my ETSY stores)

February: Friday February
(Every order placed on a Friday in the Month of February will receive a FREE Gift with the order and I will update a REMINDER here the Thursday before each Friday in the Month of February)

March: Marvelous Mondays
(Every Monday will be a blog post recapping the week prior with a hidden PROMO code, KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE LOOK OUT)

April: Applique April
(This Month will be devoted to appliqué products, all products in both of my stores that are appliquéd will be on SALE)

May: Minky May
(This Month will be dedicated to creating new products made with MINKY fabric, a PROMO code too)

June: Bling June
(This Month will be dedicated to my favorite thing, 'bling', lets start the summer off right! Blogging will be all about the bling... Keep your eyes peeled for SALES)

July: Patriotic July
(This months is dedicated to our Freedom and the U.S.A. Blogging posts will be about Patriotic Flare and America! 
Free Shipping to anywhere in the U.S.A )
July Promo Code

August: Amazing August
(This month will be devoted to everything that has happened on ETSY thus far in 2012!)

September: Surprising September
(This Month will be devoted to blogging about all the ' Surprising things about ME')

October: Boo! Halloween Month
(This Month will be posts and new products for the theme of the month)

November: Thankful November
(This month doesn't start with an N, but suites its self for Thanksgiving, I will blog daily of what I'm thankful for))

December: Year in a Wrap
(December will be my month to re-cap all the memories of the year of 2012... and post Holiday items)

Okay! I've set my standards WAY HIGH! But I will accomplish this! I didn't find this on any silly site or another blog, BUT made it up myself. I will blog in between about other things, but I think this will give me motivation to keep up my blogging. My goal is to do the same for my personal blog... Feel free to check it out and learn a little more about me!