Monday, May 9, 2011

Desperately Seeking PHOTOS!

How cute is precious Emma?? I need photos!!! I offer a great discount and debut your darling photos of your little ones on my ETSY shop and on my Blog.
I'm looking for professional quality photos that I can use to show my products that you have purchased or if you have purchased something as a gift for a friend or someone you know that would LOVE to share!

Please email me if you have any questions or send me a CONVO on Etsy! 
Thanks so much! 

Thanks so much Sloane for this adorable picture! She's so adorable, and looks so cute in her tutu and bling binky! You ROCK!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

the lil' cupcake NOW featured in NY, NY Boutique

BIG NEWS... A few months back I was contacted by Stephanie who started, created and owns Stoopher & Boots in New York City. She has such an amazing, adorable boutique and I cant wait to visit one day as soon as I can get out to NY! She is featuring and selling my bling binkies in the store and also on her website

Thanks so much Stephanie for contacting me about my products and featuring them in your beautiful NY Boutique! I love the captivating drive you have for sharing hand crafted items and displaying them in such a unique and creative way!

* Some of her precious products have been bought and worn by Stars or their little ones *


HUGE Giveaway!!!
Christina Hendrick is an AMAZING woman and creative artisan who just launched her new BLOG and re-vamped her website! I owe Christina a HUGE thank you as she helped me get started on ETSY, showing me the ropes and creating my logo(s), store front graphics, business cards and much more. Check out her amazing work and details on how to WIN the Giveaway:

I wish you all the best of luck and hope you WIN!!!
There are some fabulous shops from ETSY and facebook that have joined in and donated fabulous gifts

New Goodies

I have been absent from my BLOG for too long, my apologies. I have SO MANY new products, too many to list, please visit my ETSY shop to check out all available products, here are just a few to entice the eyes... Enjoy!