Wednesday, January 18, 2012


What is Feedback?
Feedback is a message, a number or a symbol (+, -) that you leave for someone after you make a purchase from someone or leave for someone after you receive an item. It tells a lot about the experience, the product and your overall 'experience.'

Why is Feedback Important?
Feedback to me is VERY IMPORTANT! It's the top of my list #1 of important things with running my ETSY shops! I actually look forward to logging in everyday to see if I have new feedback that was left. I strive for 100% feedback and take pride in all my work and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION/SERVICE!

What Does POSITIVE feedback mean to ME?
Feedback is important to me because it lets me know how I'm doing and it makes me feel proud. When I have happy and satisfied customers, I'm a happy shop owner and creator (See my Stats so far below)

Why is it important to leave people feedback?
I think it is SO important to leave feedback, but most of all communicate with the seller or the buyer. I love communication and making sure I answer all my customers questions and that they feel 100% satisfied that they are getting what the "WANT." I purchase lots of items online, whether it's supplies or fun things as gifts or for me and I ALWAYS leave feedback. I have NEVER left anyone  NEGATIVE feedback... I think if you have a bad experience or you are unhappy with your purchase you should contact the shop owner to see what you can work out! There is usually always a solution. 

* If your new to ONLINE shopping check out someones feedback before purchasing, it tells you ALOT! *

STATISTICS that I'm proud of 
(Sorry for the poor quality photos, Darn I-Phone)

As of today, January 18, 2012
the lil' cupcake
(211) Feedback Comments, Messages, Symbols or Numbers @ 100%

the lil' cupcake LOVES those green symbols
Those are +'s! YAH for POSITIVE feedback!

240 Sales as of Today... Makes me feel PROUD and HAPPY!

THANK YOU to ALL my Customers! 


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