Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Boutique #1: Sip and Shop Snowflake Boutique

Well I just finished up Boutique #1: The Sip and Shop Snowflake Boutique

A HUGE thank you to the MOMS club of Huntington Beach for putting on such an amazing event. I'll be honest, after last years 2 boutiques that I had the opportunity to attend and vendor at, I swore I would never do another boutique. I got asked by several different local schools, stores, organizations,etc... this year and had to ponder over it for a bit. I decided to bit the bullet and give it another go around and put last years disasters behind me...

I'm SO GLAD I did! I've learned that not all bad experiences pave the path for future disasters. I had a great time. This boutique was the shortest I've done so far, about 2 1/2 hours, but was the most profitable and rewarding.

The things I LOVED and LEARNED:

- Everyone I met was so sweet, kind-hearted and wonderfull

- The organization itself was for a great cause and they made sure you had everything you needed and then some

- I met some fabulous ladies who taught me little things that I never knew could make such a huge difference in how you run your small business

- I learned about SQUARE, the most amazing app for my IPHONE to accept credit cards

- I learned that I have some pretty amazing people in my life, not just co-workers, but dear friends who didn't have to come, help or show support, but did and we had a ball together

Thank you

Ginny, Sally-Boo and Chi Chi- Boo
I couldn't have done it without you girls!

- I handed out lots of cards and loved hearing all the compliments of all the items I take pride in making by hand

I could go on an on, but this boutique just made it worth all the while...

Enjoy some pictures below
 It's so NOT easy squeezing all my product into a 6 foot table, but manageable...

Lots of goodies from both stores

My favorite new item
My Pink Vintage Suitcase
filled with lil' leggies (Leg Warmers)

Stay Tuned for Boutique #2... 


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